Bagel gravlax

Bagel gravlax


recipe: The bagel gravlax


1 bagel (we source ours from the organic bread bar, Surry Hills)

10g cream cheese

1/4 bunch chives

Handful of watercress

120g herbed mashed eggs

2-3 slices gravalax

20g salsa verde



Herbed Mashed Eggs Using free-range eggs, boil eggs in salted water for 8-10minutes until done. Peel off shells and mash eggs in a bowl. Mix salsa verde through the egg mash and keep chilled.

Gravlax Use fresh Salmon, skin off and pin boned. You can ask the fishmonger at the Fish Market, they will be happy to prepare this for you.

Gravlax Salt Mix Mix all ingredients and keep in airtight container. Cut the salmon fillet in half so you have 2 pieces the same size. Place one side on to gladwrap. Top the side heavily with the gravlax salt. Place the second salmon side on top of the salt-sided almon. Wrap glad wrap around and press both pieces until all is nicely air tight. Keep refrigerated for 6-12 hours. Turn the fish parcel a few times and keep chilled. Unwrap the salmon pieces and pat dry if necessary. Using a sharp thin knife, cut off thin slices.

To Serve Cut bagel in half. Mix cream cheese with chopped chives and spread on to bottom layer. Layer with plenty of watercress leaves. Top with a layer of herbed mashed eggs. To with layers of gravlax slices. Toast the bagel top & place on top.